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Aug 19, 2019 - New service: The data logger upgrade - old STL for new Solar-Log™ data logger at exclusive conditions

Since Solytic’s takeover of the Suntrol portal in March 2019, many of you have gained back access to your usual PV monitoring. Nevertheless, we regularly receive requests based on outdated or even defective devices. Since Solytic took over only the software components (Suntrol Portal) but not the hardware components (Suntrol STL, Sunplug, Sunpac LiOn, eManager) of the SolarWorld GmbH, our hands are often tied.
However, we want to enable as many customers as possible to continue their positive experiences with Suntrol, which makes us constantly search for alternative solutions.

We are happy to announce that we now offer an exclusive opportunity to upgrade your system with a new Solar-Log™ data logger at special conditions!

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology, multiple interfaces (e.g. for direct marketing), active service support, a new guarantee and - most importantly - reliable monitoring of your PV system in the Suntrol Portal.
We are aiming primarily at customers with Suntrol STL data loggers, which are based on an older generation of Solar-Log™ devices and for which no service has been provided since the SolarWorld insolvency. Of course, Suntrol Portal users with other faulty loggers can also strike.

Read more about the offers, which model suits you best and how to upgrade your system in just a few steps under Datenlogger-Upgrade.

As a small thank you for your confidence in the last months - despite partly having defective devices - we start with the AKTION55, where the first 55 service users can benefit even more.

Jul 12, 2019 - The new Suntrol Service Platform

We are launching our services with a comprehensive drone inspection by FairFleet

After weeks of work in the background, we are launching the first among many innovations in the Suntrol portal.

We focus on plant optimization, with monitoring as the central interface. In order to improve the economic efficiency, we combine the familiar monitoring portal with services relating to your PV plant.

Due to the large number of long-term customers and old systems, Suntrol users can benefit in particular. Topics such as maintenance, cleaning, direct marketing, re-powering, insurance or financing bring optimization potential, so you have as much yield as possible from your plant for as long as possible.

The first services are already live:

Drone photography & thermography check

Have your PV system or property professionally photographed, or go deeper into the analysis and increase your yields with a thermography check from FairFleet. Discover vulnerabilities that are useful for warranty claims or repairs. Fairfleet is a full-service partner offering drone flights in 48 countries worldwide.

Thanks to the partnership with Solytic, Suntrol users now also have access to exclusive conditions. And will soon be able to benefit from even more services.

If you are interested, you can now find all the necessary information at a glance in the menu under Services and book them in just a few steps:

Complete the order form - get a special offer - check and benefit!

Jun 19, 2019 - Stabilisation of the Suntrol Portal completed

On March 8th 2019, Solytic took over Suntrol Portal from the insolvent SolarWorld. As a result of the insolvency, the portal was no longer maintained, which led to some problems for you as a customer. After numerous working hours focused on stabilization, Solytic has been able to restore the old functionalities of the Portal. Furthermore, new features are currently in the development pipeline.

How can you help with the further development of the portal?

Please contact us in case of missing data. This applies in particular to customers with Kostal PIKO inverters, more than 4,500 of which have already been reactivated.

The announced further development of the portal will be initiated in the coming days by the deployment of the first new feature. With FairFleet's drone inspections, you can optimize your system yield or simply have some great recordings made. In addition, if you want a solution that focuses more on professional use, you will be able to switch to Solytic's monitoring portal through an internal interface. Finally, the focus remains on the server structure in order to ensure portal stability and speed, despite growth.

The mobile-friendly versions of the Suntrol portal: / are now functional again. The mobile App however, will not be reactivated for the time being.

The current web portal enables fast data processing and a positive user experience. Suntrol Portal continues to remain free of charge for you.

You can find the full article here.